This statement was given to my students at GIMB foundation yesterday. I was trying to convince them that a business should be treated as a professional organization and it needed a full commitment from owners.

One thing should be understood that business should be managed professionally and it took a basic concept of management for every entrepreneur. For me, they have to be a manager for their business.

Like or dislike, management will determine business performance. In management, an entrepreneur can manage their resources to achieve business objectives, such as profit, people, planet, sustainability, growth and development.

Management has financial aspect, marketing aspect business process and human resources aspect. They are called management functions while planning, organizing, actuating and controlling are called management process.

Those two aspects should have been understood by entrepreneur to manage their business as well as implementing for their projects. It cannot be denied for every entrepreneur nowdays about necessity of management for business.

So, it's time for all entrepreneur to analyze managerial knowledge and managerial skill to be implemented in the business. No reason for not applying management in the business.

Let's implement management for our business to achieve business objective effectively and efficiently....have a nice weekend
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