Have you ever thought about how the successful people achieve their dream? What is “the secret” of their success?

In this article I will try to share about how Success is created. This is actually not a motivation writing that you probably think after reading this article you will get success in a very short time. Let us just find out the idea of how success can be achieved. I believe that every successful people have different ways and secret to achieve their goal. The question is “What is their secret?”

I have been reading some books about the story behind the successful people in the world. I also spend my last 1 year to join some business seminars where the speakers are people who already achieved their success. They generally share about the process they have been through to reach the top. But what become really interesting is how they start that process. Both in success storybook and seminar I have attended, the successful can be in their position because they had imagined to achieve what they want to have. They had dreamed it long before they start to be. From those I can draw the outline that Success started from Dreaming.

Some people believe that we need passion, talent, skill or even money to achieve dream. Actually there is one more important thing than those, it is dream.

Yes, start to dream because dream big is the secret of success. This probably sounds too easy because in fact we don’t need to spend much capital. Only by dreaming big, we are already in success zone.

If you want to achieve a big result then dreambig. Most of people are afraid of dreaming. They think it is crazy to make a big dream. Let say you have nocapability of having a sport car but you dream about having one. You tell your friends about your dream and what you get is only they are laughing at you. That what makes people afraid of dreaming. Literally, there is nothing wrong with dreaming as long as you make it happen. Do not let people opinion and response ruin your mind and make you stop dreaming. Just let every negatives go.

Many successful people start their success from a dream. What makes them different from just a dreamer is they jump into the process in order to make their dream will not be just a dream.

Big Action

You will be just a dreamer if you only keep a dream on your mind without doing anything. A big dream is in line with big actions. Once you create your dream, you shoulddirect yourself to the action that will lead you to achieve it. Simply, you must create some steps or to do lists.

In the process of achieving your dream, there are 2 things that you must have. They are action and behavior. Action is what you need to do (list of actions or efforts) and behavior is what you have to be (list of characteristic or attitude that you need to have). You can draw all the things you must do on a big paper to keep reminding you of your dream.

By being dare to dream, you already have a secret of success. Your trust to your own dream is also important. It means that you need to be optimistic person and be sure that all you dream about will come true. You should imagine that you are already in the position you always want to be and keep believing that someday you will be there. When you believe it, you will have it for sure.

Success is a choice. Let’s start to dream big!

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